Complete care of all Foot and Ankle issues

In our convenient and safe office in Beverly Hills with adherence to the latest guidelines on COVID-19 prevention and social distancing, through virtual visits, or in the convenience and safety of your home or office.

Complete care of all Foot and Ankle issues

In the convenience and safety of our office, or your home.


Recognizing, Treating, and Relieving Lower Extremity Pains

For effective solutions that address all sorts of foot pain and discomfort, turn to Foot and Ankle Care Center. We offer professional advice, state of the art equipment, and specialized treatments for your specific concerns.

Cost-Effective Consultations

Making podiatric medicine convenient and accessible for everyone is our top priority. By charging our house call services at a reasonable flat rate convenience fee, we can help more patients receive proper care from a board-certified specialist.

Solutions Brought to Your Doorstep

Our team can travel to homes and offices across Beverly Hills and part of Los Angeles, California. We can provide a comprehensive evaluation, imaging studies like ultrasound or x-ray and a treatment plan all with full PPE protection. This way, you can experience podiatric care in the convenience and safety of your own space.

We believe in providing both convenience and expert care.

Each person and condition is unique. If is important to deal with the cause of most issues as well as its symptoms in order to allow proper and fast healing.

We offer a range of foot and ankle services, all designed to help you return to your full potential. Whether you're having an acute issue such as an ingrown nail, recently had foot or ankle trauma or just general heel or ankle pain, we can help.

Convenience is important with today's fast paced lifestyle, and getting to a specialist is not always easy. That's why we come to wherever you are comfortable, whether that be in our modern office in Beverly Hills, your backyard, your front door, inside your home with protection, your office, or your hotel room.


Protected From the Pandemic

Minimize exposure to COVID-19 by scheduling an at-home or in-office appointment. Our staff will check your temperature, open your door, and escort you directly into a treatment room, where you will be seen in a timely manner. Our personnel will also arrive at your home in full PPE gear, allowing us to serve you while ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

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Dr. Sam Sanandaji

Dr. Sanandaji, or as his patients call him Dr. Sam, has been in practice for almost two decades. He is currently an attending physician at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, as well as the chief medical officer for The Foot and Ankle Care Center. He is board certified in foot surgery by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery, and skilled at both the medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle issues.

Dr. Sanandaji's on-line reviews refer to him as an excellent physician who gets to know his patients by listening to them. Each interaction ends with an explanation of what is possibly causing their issue, why and how to attempt to resolve their individualized condition.

Please call the number below to schedule an in office, virtual or home visit. We also can provide mobile imaging and laser treatment of pain as well as nail fungus.